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TimeFinders was founded in Houston, Texas by Kandy Lukats and Joelle Litwak. Based on their personal experiences Kandy and Joelle felt there was a need for a company that provides convenient and dependable personal assistant services in Houston. Combining their complementary experiences and expertise, they launched TimeFinders to meet that need.

Kandy Lukats was born in London, England and has lived in Houston for over 10 years. Most of her career has been spent in the oil & gas industry, working in a range of companies from small consulting firms to global corporations.

For TimeFinders, she brings experience running services and consulting operations, as well as marketing and sales skills. Her main reason for starting TimeFinders was based on personal experience: as a busy executive and single parent, she discovered a desperate need for an “extra pair of hands” that would allow her to spend more time with her son. The challenges she experienced in finding and managing quality help convinced her that there would be other people that could use help to find more time to be with their families.

Joelle Litwak grew up in the western United States and the UK, relocating with her family’s involvement in the oil industry. She spent 4 years in the military as a public affairs specialist and then moved to the East Coast to pursue a career in office and property management. She then moved to Houston, where she operated her own personal assistant business before joining forces with Kandy to launch TimeFinders.

Joelle’s inspiration for starting TimeFinders was based on her rewarding experiences running her own company, especially the satisfaction that comes from successfully delivering a service that people really need.

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