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Client Reviews

They took the stress of feeling overwhelmed away! I liked that I could delegate something that I’m inherently bad at handling. I requested a wide range of stuff, and was surprised to see such great execution on a variety of tasks… Whatever the task, TimeFinders handles each and every detail with great efficiency and professionalism.
Lynn Pappas, Pilates Instructor

I didn’t have to do the work! One phone call and it was done. We were extremely busy getting the company set up - I needed extra time - they are extremely thorough, took care of everything. Afterwards I thought, “Wow! Cool!” TimeFinders is satisfaction guaranteed!
Tim Altum, President & Founder, 3GIG

Excellent experience: they help me find time for my personal things. TimeFinders is proactive - they anticipate my needs and follow through. I can hand them all of my information/needs and walk away, knowing everything will get done and get done right.
Jennifer Brugh, Co-Founder, Triad Resources

Excellent service: TimeFinders takes away the small tasks I have to do, and gives me additional free time to be more productive in my personal and professional life.
Tracy Davis, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

TimeFinders would be a great gift idea. They are fair, easy to do business with, and flexible with your schedule. They take a load off what I have to do.
Monica Kratz, Triad Resources

I trust the job will be done accurately, with great care, and the end result will be exactly what I envisioned, if not more. I highly recommend TimeFinders to anyone who wants to achieve their goals without having to use their personal time. TimeFinders are trustworthy, accurate, and conscientious making your life a lot easier - they’re fabulous!
Nicola Parente, Abstract Artist

Definitely would use them again -- lots of money saved - it’s fantastic! They are your best friend for doing things.
Andrea Gallagher, Product Manager, Landmark Graphics

I would definitely use them for all their services: I know it will get taken care of, and it will get done well. I go out of town a lot and know that my cats and place will be taken care of - it takes away all the worry of leaving your animals.
Kimberly Rush, Triad Resources

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